Windows 10 Anniversary Update – External Hard Drive Not Showing Up & Black Screen Circle

You are probably also getting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update these days. Although you can use the Microsoft Edge browser now, since it supports custom download locations and AdBlock, there are some typical quirky Microsoft moments happening on PCs thanks to that. Unfortunately, I have experienced some of these problems. Here are two of them and I hope that I can help you fixing them.

External hard drive missing

Just as I wanted to look at some old Unreal Engine 4 projects, I’ve had a problem accessing my data on the external hard drive – it doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer. The partition managers also only shows me an empty drive and I’ve heard of people that sometimes the file system is displayed as RAW. “Well f*ck, is all my data gone now?!” was the thing, I thought at first. However, there seems to be some solutions. If you have the possibility to connect the drive with another computer, create a backup first.

1. Install KB3189866 via Windows Update

Open the following link with Internet Explorer and install the update. Most probably you need the x64 version. Don’t worry about “AMD64” showing up. It’s called like that because AMD was the first one to develop (working) 64-bit hardware. This seems to work for some people.

2. Recover hard drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard

I was cloning some SSDs and still had this nice little piece of software on my drive. It’s for free and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s gonna help us through this problem as well.

First, download the software here:

After that, install and, of course, open it up. Hopefully, there you should see your external hard drive in the list. Most likely, the drive letter is shown as asterisk *. On the left side under “Operations” you should be able to browse your data with the “Explore Partition” option. To restore your hard drive in Windows Explorer select the option “Change Drive Letter”. Just choose a drive letter that you are happy with and press OK.

drives anniversary update

Finally press the “Apply” button (green check mark) at the top. If you are lucky, you should be able to see your drive normally in Windows Explorer now. It also keeps showing up after reconnecting (at least it does for me).

Black Screen and Circle takes forever during update and start up

Another problem was a black screen that kept showing a little loading circle at the bottom. Unfortunately, this happens during the update process and keeps happening during every start-up.

The solution is…this is gonna be legendary…to disconnect your USB mouse and other USB devices from your PC. The setup/start-up process should proceed immediately.

However, the USB mouse doesn’t seem to work after reconnecting it later on. I’ve heard that the solution is to uninstall your (Logitech Setpoint) mouse driver. You could also try the update the driver to the newest version, especially in case of the Logitech Setpoint software.


Hopefully, Microsoft will fix these issues with some updates soon. As long as they don’t f*ck up your system even more… ;)

Please comment, if you’ve also experienced problems with the Anniversary Update and know ways to fix them.

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