Welcome and what’s the deal with the puzzles?

Welcome to GameDevPuzzler.com!

Who is this guy and why is he talking about puzzles? Well, my name is Simon and I live in the great country of Austria (you know… Schnitzel, Würstl and so on). As long as I can remember I’ve been playing videogames, starting with games like Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) as well as Railroad Tycoon and Dungeon Master on the Atari ST. And I’ve never stopped, which is why for example I have over 2300 hours of game time in Guild Wars and I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed about that.

During that time I was studying at a tourism school with cooking, waiting tables and economics ( bookkeeping). It was a fun time, but I noticed that I had been enjoying stuff like web programming and building stuff in the RPG Maker too. Besides, the work as a cook or waiter is sometimes rather dull and customers can be really “unpleasant” (it depends on the restaurant), but there were many joyful moments too. In contrast, I simply love solving the puzzles that I encounter as a developer and there are so many great people out there. It’s also quite impressing, when you create something that people can enjoy only with the thoughts from your mind and some code.

Cooking yummy dishes was not the problem.
Cooking tasty dishes wasn’t a problem ;)

Therefore, I’ve decided to study computer sciene and game engineering at the UAS Technikum Vienna after that. And I don’t regret it :)

Two years ago I was working as a programming intern at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, which was the most awesome job I’ve ever had. It was really diffucult at first, but I had great collegues and I’ve learned a lot. They develop great adventure games, so check them out! And yeah I know, that the english voice-overs can be pretty crappy sometimes.

That was two years ago. Right now, I am writing my master thesis about “Reducing Driver Overhead in OpenGL, Direct3D and Mantle” and the deadline just keeps getting closer and closer…

Some months ago, I’ve also released my first official game called “Move” on Desura. It’s a puzzle game (puzzles again…) and was made with the Unity3D engine in approximately two or three weeks. I was working on the trading system of a student project at that time and the mechanic made a lot of fun, which is why I turned it into its own game.

My first official game: Move
The art style of the game is rather abstract.

So yeah, that’s it. I am a programmer that loves solving the challenging puzzlers that I encounter during game development.

In this blog I plan to write about the “puzzles” and other stuff that I come across during my time as a game developer. The length of the posts will probably vary a bit, depending on the time I’ve available. There will be articles about C++, Rendering APIs, Unreal Engine 4, game dev business and other interesting stuff that will hopefully be of your interest too :)

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