Gifmon – Free Video to GIF Converter

Do you also hate the ad-infested mess of software and websites when looking for a GIF converter? Do you want to create animated GIFs without any file size or FPS limitations? Then this is for you!

Gifmon is a free program to convert your videos to animated GIFs. It’s free, easy-to-use and without any ads.

Video to GIF converter screenshot
Gifmon – Video to GIF converter

Why use GIFs instead of videos?

  • They are easy to share.
  • They are displayed without any video player.
  • They always look the same – without any unwanted compression when uploading to various sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook).

Gifmon is basically a GUI wrapper for the FFmpeg and gifsicle command line tools. So if you’re interested in some more advanced features: Check them out!

Supported file formats are listed here: FFmpeg file formats.

I’ve developed Gifmon as a side project to learn more about WPF/.NET and because I’ve wanted to easily create GIFs from previously recorded gameplay videos.

Feel free to post any kind of bug or feature request in the comments section below or poke me on Twitter.