Have you played Move?

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I’ve already mentioned it in my very first post: Move is a simple game created by me and could be best described as a puzzle game. It’s available on Desura, itch.io and, good heavens, Windows Store. However, I’ve also created its own page on gamedevpuzzler.com (thus introducing the “My Games” category¬† below the search field) where you can play it directly in your browser, watch the trailer and get more infos.

Have fun!

Disabling / Enabling an Actor in Unreal Engine 4

Maybe you are like me and have been working with the Unity3D game engine. However, how could you resist from trying the new Unreal Engine 4? Especially, since you can get the whole engine including the source code for free.

Well, the time may come that you notice some minor differences between the two engines… Thus, soon the single most important question will come to your mind: “How do I disable and enable actors in UE4? Where is the checkbox and why is there no SetActive() method?” For example, when you are thinking about improving the performance for mobile projects, patterns like object pooling come to your mind. Or you simply want to disable an item when the player stores it in his inventory.

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