Good start – Tower Defense Prototype

I’ve been actively working on my new project for about a week now. I thought maybe I should start blogging about the progress every now and then. So stay tuned!

low poly landscapeThe game I’m working on is yer good ol’ classic tower defense game. I think this is a fitting project for starting out and gathering experience. I hope I can finish this in a few months of time, leading to a simple but quite polished game that is highly moddable and supports multiplayer. After all, I am running out of Warcraft 3 tower defense maps to play with my best friend, so let’s hope so…

Why am I doing this?

I work as a full-time programmer at a big, well-known company in Austria and I have really nice colleagues there. With some of them I’ve studied game engineering at a university in Vienna. Most of the time I really love my job. However, the only games I work on are slot games, which,┬áin the end, is as fulfilling as it sounds. Even though they are high-quality products, they are not the kind of games that put a smile on a young player’s face like e.g. Sonic The Hedgehog has done for me. Thus, after some years I’ve decided that I need a change-of-pace to work on my own video game projects in my free time. I hope I can finally put my gathered and ever-growing not-slot-game-specific knowledge to good use and create some fun games for you guys out there!

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