Good start – Tower Defense Prototype

I’ve been actively working on my new project for about a week now. I thought maybe I should start blogging about the progress every now and then. So stay tuned!

low poly landscapeThe game I’m working on is yer good ol’ classic tower defense game. I think this is a fitting project for starting out and gathering experience. I hope I can finish this in a few months of time, leading to a simple but quite polished game that is highly moddable and supports multiplayer. After all, I am running out of Warcraft 3 tower defense maps to play with my best friend, so let’s hope so…

Why am I doing this?

I work as a full-time programmer at a big, well-known company in Austria and I have really nice colleagues there. With some of them I’ve studied game engineering at a university in Vienna. Most of the time I really love my job. However, the only games I work on are slot games, which, in the end, is as fulfilling as it sounds. Even though they are high-quality products, they are not the kind of games that put a smile on a young player’s face like e.g. Sonic The Hedgehog has done for me. Thus, after some years I’ve decided that I need a change-of-pace to work on my own video game projects in my free time. I hope I can finally put my gathered and ever-growing not-slot-game-specific knowledge to good use and create some fun games for you guys out there!

New game project

It’s been some time…
I’m now officially allowed to work on private projects in my free time and I’ve got some great ideas for enjoyable games. The first one will be a small, personal project that will provide training in UE4, blender and FL studio for me. So this will be the starting point to gather some experience as indie game dev.

I’ll keep you up-to-date on my Twitter account. Feel free to follow me ;)

Welcome and what’s the deal with the puzzles?

Welcome to!

Who is this guy and why is he talking about puzzles? Well, my name is Simon and I live in the great country of Austria (you know… Schnitzel, Würstl and so on). As long as I can remember I’ve been playing videogames, starting with games like Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) as well as Railroad Tycoon and Dungeon Master on the Atari ST. And I’ve never stopped, which is why for example I have over 2300 hours of game time in Guild Wars and I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed about that.

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