Good start – Tower Defense Prototype

I’ve been actively working on my new project for about a week now. I thought maybe I should start blogging about the progress every now and then. So stay tuned!

low poly landscapeThe game I’m working on is yer good ol’ classic tower defense game. I think this is a fitting project for starting out and gathering experience. I hope I can finish this in a few months of time, leading to a simple but quite polished game that is highly moddable and supports multiplayer. After all, I am running out of Warcraft 3 tower defense maps to play with my best friend, so let’s hope so…

Why am I doing this?

I work as a full-time programmer at a big, well-known company in Austria and I have really nice colleagues there. With some of them I’ve studied game engineering at a university in Vienna. Most of the time I really love my job. However, the only games I work on are slot games, which,┬áin the end, is as fulfilling as it sounds. Even though they are high-quality products, they are not the kind of games that put a smile on a young player’s face like e.g. Sonic The Hedgehog has done for me. Thus, after some years I’ve decided that I need a change-of-pace to work on my own video game projects in my free time. I hope I can finally put my gathered and ever-growing not-slot-game-specific knowledge to good use and create some fun games for you guys out there!

Camera Navigation for Strategy Games in Unreal Engine 4

Lately, I’ve been fiddling around with a game prototype for a strategy game in Unreal Engine 4. Although it’s possible to create any kind of game with the engine, it’s main focus rests on the action and RPG genres. Thus, things like a camera navigation for strategy games have been a little tricky. I couldn’t find much help in the forums and the strategy game sample didn’t help.

Strategy Game Prototype
Prototype of a stragety game I’ve been working on.

However, I’ve come up with a solution that I wanted to share with you. So maybe you are also working on a strategy game in UE4 and need some help.

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Disabling / Enabling an Actor in Unreal Engine 4

Maybe you are like me and have been working with the Unity3D game engine. However, how could you resist from trying the new Unreal Engine 4? Especially, since you can get the whole engine including the source code for free.

Well, the time may come that you notice some minor differences between the two engines… Thus, soon the single most important question will come to your mind: “How do I disable and enable actors in UE4? Where is the checkbox and why is there no SetActive() method?” For example, when you are thinking about improving the performance for mobile projects, patterns like object pooling come to your mind. Or you simply want to disable an item when the player stores it in his inventory.

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